Untitled (-6','4',5'3"), (6',-4',5'3")SIDE ONE: Untitled (-6','4',5'3"), (6',-4',5'3")SIDE TWO: Untitled (-6','4',5'3"), (6',-4',5'3")Untitled Still Life # 1Untitled Still Life #2Untitled Still Life #3Study of a Painting, 
Study of a Study of a PaintingPlate 1 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 3 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 4 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 5 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 6 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 7 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 8 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 2 of  "Study of a Painting"Plate 9 of  "Study of a Painting"Exhibition photoExhibition photoExhibition photoExhibition photoExhibition photoPerceptionists: Three Responses to the Contemporary Challenges of Representation
Brock University Visual Arts Honours Exhibition at Rodman Hall Art Center St. Catharines Ontario

*this group exhibition included myself and two fellow artists, Danny Fast and Carrie Perreault


Emerging as an artist or perceptionist, I often feel somewhat inferior
as “just a painter”. This year I sought out to conduct an experimental
intervention of sorts through the medium of painting - investigating
the ways in which we see and experience this physical mode
of visual representation.

Throughout the conception of this body of work I have intensively
explored both perception and perspective, attempting to retain control
and heighten awareness of the viewing process by using various optical
tools and tricks. With conspicuous references to the formal schisms
between painting and photography, interplays between surface and depth
emerge, and thus re-present a new reality.

By juxtaposing the manual and the mechanical, my intention is to
emphasize the hand of the artist in the act of creation, reinforcing
painting as a legitimate conveyor of meaning.